Vienna Airport Parking:
Saving tips for travelers 2024

Vienna Airport Parking - Saving tip parking lot in Schwechat for travelers

Price comparison of different options

Vienna Airport Parking 2024: Forget overpriced parking spaces – price comparisons make all the difference. We show you cost-effective alternatives that are easy on your wallet.

Various tariff structures offer you enormous savings potential compared to standard tariffs at and near the airport. We will show you parking models with prices tailored to your needs – quality at the best price.

Save wisely, travel relaxed.

Clever saving – fewer charges, more vacation enjoyment.

Good parking options are characterized by first-class security and convenience and are also budget-friendly. Choose smart options, save where you can and invest your savings in your travel experiences.

Fees at the official airport parking lots

The prices for using the official airport parking lots can sometimes be higher, which can have an impact on travel costs.

If you calculate smartly, you will quickly discover that parking cheaply does not mean less service. Rather, it is about getting more value for the same money and optimizing travel costs sensibly.

Parking facilities at Vienna Airport:

Vienna Airport, a hub for international and domestic flights, offers diverse and convenient parking options for travelers and visitors. The parking options range from parking garages and outdoor parking lots to special short-term parking zones.

Overview and prices of parking facilities:

Garage 3: between € 152 – 190/ 1 week
Parking garage 4: between € 152 – 190/ 1 week
Space C: between € 113 – 126/ 1 week, near the terminal
Parking lot A: close to the terminals.
Short-term parking lot K3: pick-up option.
Prices status Jän. 2024

Garage 3 and 4: Direct access to the terminals

The lots 3 and 4 are ideal for travelers who value short distances and protection from the weather. They offer direct access to the terminals. Parking garage 3 is particularly suitable for departures from Terminal 1/1A, while parking garage 4 is ideal for departures from Terminal 3. Please note the maximum entry height of 2.05 m for parking garage 3 and 2.00 m for parking garage 4.

Parking lot C: Close to the terminal

The Parking lot C is an inexpensive option, a 7-10 minute walk from the terminals. The largely underground route makes it an alternative choice. With a maximum entry height of 2.50 m and a lower hourly rate, it is an attractive option for long-term parkers.

Space A: Close and convenient

Just a 5-minute walk from the terminals, parking lot A is another parking option. With a maximum entry height of 2.50 m, it is also close to the terminals. The route to the terminals runs either above ground along parking garage 4 or underground.

Short-stay lot K3: ideal for pick-up passengers

Parking lot K3, which is generally used as a short-term parking lot, is mainly used for picking up passengers at short notice. It is located just a few meters from the exit of the arrivals hall.

All parking areas and parking garages at Vienna Airport are clearly signposted in the local traffic guidance system and are easy to find. With these diverse parking options, Vienna Airport offers various parking solutions for every type of traveler.

Private parking providers with shuttle service

Private parking providers near Vienna Airport offer affordable and secure parking solutions. Transportation directly to the terminals is often possible in just a few minutes.

Open 24 hours a day: Around the clock, without waiting times.
Short transfer distances: Often only a few minutes away from the terminal.
Flexible transfer times: Adapted to your flight times, for stress-free arrivals and departures.
Safe parking: Guarded parking lots for travel peace of mind.
Advance reservation possible: Easy booking and planning via online reservation systems.

Take advantage of a relaxed journey to arrive at the airport 2 hours before departure and plan to arrive at the airport on time with ease.

Experience the difference: with private providers, there are no expensive parking fees and you enjoy top service. Make the smart choice for your trip!

Vienna Airport Parking
Premium Partner

Vienna Airport Parking with the private provider TOM Parking:

Discover a cheap and convenient way to park your car at Vienna Airport with TOM Parking. TOM Parking’s parking spaces are available around the clock, secure and only 9 minutes away from the airport gates. TOM Parking offers you an inexpensive and high-quality parking solution that is easy on your travel budget and guarantees maximum security at the same time.

Cheap and safe: parking at Vienna Airport with TOM

From just € 6.49 per day, you can park your vehicle in the TOM Parking parking spaces. These prices are on average 55% cheaper than with other parking providers. Save money and invest it in your travel experience.

Quick and easy booking

You can reserve your parking space with TOM Parking in just three simple steps:

1. online reservation
2. free choice of parking space on arrival
3. quick arrival at the airport or in the center of Vienna

Advantages of TOM Parking

Immediate proximity to the S-Bahn
Modern video surveillance and security checks
Free rebooking and cancellation up to 24 hours before arrival
Direct transfer to Vienna Airport in just 9 minutes

Take advantage of a stress-free start to your vacation or business trip with the affordable and secure parking spaces from TOM Parking at Vienna Airport.

More at

Tips for saving on parking costs

To save on parking costs at Vienna Airport, we recommend that you compare offers from different parking service providers. There are often early booking discounts that can grant you a considerable price reduction. Also take advantage of discount campaigns and voucher codes that promise additional savings. Don’t wait too long – the closer your travel date gets, the more expensive it could become. Quickly secure the best deal for your parking space at Vienna Airport!

Direct comparison of both providers for 7 days.

TOM Parking

 7 days: between EUR 45.43 – 59.43
excl. transfer EUR approx. 2,- per train ride
(9 minutes to the terminal)

–All prices status January 2024–

Parking garage 3, 4, C

 7 days – Parking garage 3: EUR 152,-
7 days – Parking garage 4: EUR 152,-
(2-3 minutes walk to the terminal)

7 days – Parking garage C: EUR 113,-
(7-10 minutes walk to the terminal)

–All prices as of January 2024–

Take advantage of early booking discounts

Secure significant discounts by booking your parking space at Vienna Airport early.

1. Planning is everything: set your departure date early and reserve your parking space in advance.
2. Keep an eye on offers: Always be on the lookout for the latest airport parking offers and discounts. By keeping an eye on the offers, you can save even more and minimize your travel costs. It pays to keep a watchful eye on these opportunities to secure your airport parking at an unbeatable price.
3. Flexibility pays off: If possible, be flexible with your parking choice to take advantage of the best deals. An early booking discount can significantly reduce costs – don’t miss out on this opportunity.

This strategy is not only economically clever, but also gives you the reassuring feeling that you have arranged everything in good time.

Short-term vs. long-term parking

Short-term parking is recommended for pick-ups or short stays at the airport. Fast, convenient and located directly at the terminals, it offers maximum comfort for those in a hurry.

Long-term parking, on the other hand, is the better choice for longer trips. It is much cheaper and often well connected to the terminals by regular shuttle services.

With long-term parking, you not only benefit from lower rates, but also from security-related aspects such as video surveillance and regular patrols. Booking early also often ensures special conditions and availability.

It is essential to weigh up your parking option carefully based on the duration of your trip. Time is money, and the difference between short-term and long-term parking rates can be considerable, especially for longer absences. Take advantage of offers that guarantee you the best long-term price for the desired parking duration – be smart and book early to benefit from maximum savings.

Memberships and loyalty programs

Loyalty pays off, especially when it comes to parking at Vienna Airport. Benefit from exclusive memberships and loyalty programs.

Frequent flyer discounts offer significant price advantages for regular customers.
Subscription systems allow you to reserve parking spaces at preferential prices.
Bonus point systems reward every parking transaction with points that can be exchanged for parking time or other services.
Exclusive member offers include special rates and discounts for members only.
Free additional services such as valet parking or car wash, depending on loyalty program status.

Use this opportunity to save on every flight.

Save smart, park cheap, and enjoy the benefits of a worry-free start to your vacation or business trip.

Travel alternatives to your own car

Not everyone wants to park their car at Vienna Airport. This is where alternative travel options come into play, which can be as convenient as they are cost-conscious. Consider public transport such as the S7 rapid transit train or the CAT (City Airport Train), which will take you directly to the heart of the airport, or various shuttle services that offer maximum convenience.

In addition to public transport, transportation services such as Uber or cab companies can guarantee a stress-free journey. If you don’t want to do without the comfort of your own car, car sharing offers a flexible and often inexpensive solution. However, if you decide to use your own vehicle, remember: booking a parking space in good time will not only save you money, but also valuable time before your flight.

Public transportation and fares

The S7 express train takes you directly and without detours to Vienna Airport. Tickets are staggered according to distance and are very competitive.

A frequent favorite is the CAT (City Airport Train), which runs non-stop from the center of Vienna to the airport. The comfort and speed justify the slightly higher price.

Wiener Linien also offers a variety of tickets, such as one-way tickets, day passes or weekly tickets, depending on your needs for the duration of your stay.

An alternative, budget-friendly solution is offered by bus connections to Vienna Airport from various points in the city. These can be particularly advantageous for travelers with a lot of luggage.

To save costs, it is advisable to buy tickets online in advance. Early booking fares and online offers can significantly save your travel budget.

Airport cabs and transport service providers

Getting to Vienna Airport doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Airport cabs and transportation services offer flexible and convenient alternatives.

Airport cabs can be picked up right outside your front door and driven to the terminal. Not only do they offer convenience, but pooling options also allow you to share the costs. Ride-hailing services such as Uber or Bolt are often cheaper than traditional cabs and offer added convenience through their apps. You can reserve your ride, know the fare in advance and track the driver’s arrival time in real time.

Another advantage of ride-hailing services is the variety of vehicle options. Whether alone or in a group, you will always find the right vehicle for your needs.

When choosing between an airport cab and a ride service provider, you should pay attention to reviews from other users. Punctuality and reliability also play a major role here. Don’t forget to book early to secure the best price and avoid unpleasant surprises.

Carpooling and car sharing

Car sharing and carpooling are cost-effective alternatives that are ideal for travelers with flexible schedules. Take advantage of shared rides and share the costs.

Platforms like BlaBlaCar make it easy to find fellow travelers. This makes your trip to the airport environmentally and budget friendly.

Some car sharing services also offer special airport rates. This allows you to get to and from Vienna Airport safely and cheaply while saving money.

If you travel regularly, memberships with car sharing providers can be particularly attractive. Benefit from low fees and the flexibility of only using a car when you really need it.

Carpooling can also be an exciting social experience. Exchange ideas with locals or other travelers and get valuable tips for your trip.

Finally, this way of traveling allows you to make a contribution to environmental protection. Fewer cars on the road means fewer emissions and a smaller carbon footprint – a decision that not only has a positive impact on your wallet, but also on the environment.

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